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The elegant Tarabusino Restaurant completes our offer of high quality service which respects the environment and the well-being of our guests.

Around twenty to twenty-five guests can enjoy the delights of our kitchen and cellar in a relaxing and intimate ambience you’ll find hard to match elsewhere. The lights and colours from the natural surroundings permeate our dining areas to create a dining experience you won’t forget.

Our Restaurant evokes pleasant memories of flavours and time spent together with a simplicity and authenticity of the good old days.

We believe for everything there is a season. That’s why our kitchen uses traditional local ingredients that are at their natural peak in terms of aroma and flavour.

Our Chef creates delicious dishes according to the latest teachings of the culinary arts. Guaranteed to stimulate not only your taste buds, our food is a delight to the eyes and imagination. At Tarabusino tradition meets contemporary cuisine in a satisfying and fascinating combination.