Change your point of view

There’s the sound of the bustle of city traffic and there’s the sound of the beating of wings from geese in flight. There are thousands of skyscraper windows but there’s only one window to the sea. There’s a multitude of lights from advertising signs while infinite are the stars that light the sky. A thousand sensations await our visitors: just “change your point of view”.


The new Boutique Hotel “Oche Selvatiche” and the “Tarabusino” Restaurant are nestled against the enchanting backdrop of the Grado lagoon, the wildlife oasis of the Cavanata Valley and the mouth of the Isonzo River. We’re located just 500 metres from the Grado golf course and the Primero Marina dock.

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“Oche Selvatiche” is an eco sustainable Boutique Hotel in the process of obtaining the European certification Eco-Label. The owner Adriana was fascinated by the location and wanted to offer her guests a unique and personalised experience with 7 charming suites… truly a Boutique Hotel!


The “Tarabusino” Restaurant is open to the public and can be reached by boat using the private dock. Our customers can choose from a range of dishes based on local seasonal produce. Dine in the comfort of our cosy dining rooms or on the terrace with panoramic views. Our cigar room is perfect for those who love a cigar after a delicious meal or themed dinner parties with a difference.




Want to unwind after a game of golf, a bike ride, a boat excursion around the lagoon, or after one of the many tours designed to experience the cultural and gastronomic delights of the area? Come and enjoy the magic of this place and then relax in our private solarium and rooftop pool complete with hydromassage and personal spa (under construction).


Discover the magic of this place all year round. The charm of summer with its deep blue sea and red sunsets which ignite the lagoon. The bright light of spring with nesting geese, pink flamingos and majestic swans. The splendour of autumn leaves, evenings around a fireplace, the opportunity for an unforgettable experience and memories of the sea like you’ve never imagined before. The winter mists in a lagoon awaiting to be discovered. “Oche Selvatiche” is a fascinating location, versatile and innovative: the ideal venue for those special small events, celebrations and weddings.

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